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Let's follow Puppy throughout his day! From waking up for mealtime -- “Eat, eat, eat" -- to getting dirty in the yard -- “No, no, no!" -- Puppy's shenanigans provide fun opportunities to introduce early speech sounds, words, and actions.

Written by a speech-language pathologist, this playful, interactive story helps enhance early communication development in babies and toddlers. Let's Go, Puppy! promotes babies' ability to recognize and imitate sounds, strengthens familiarity through the repetition of words, enriches basic vocabulary, and builds confidence through praise.
Tips for caregivers as well as a list of the earliest-developing speech sounds are included.

You can check out the Goodreads listing here -- be sure to follow my author page while there!

​You can view Ninewise Publishing's full collection of wonderful children's books
Let's Go, Puppy! is now available on Amazon and at Ninewise Publishing!
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