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Books Written By
Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)

Baby/Toddler Books
Baby/Toddler Books


Let's Talk, Baby

by Stephanie Ciatti, SLP



Turn your baby's babbles into words with Let's Talk, Baby by Stephanie Ciatti. As a Speech Language Pathologist and mom, Stephanie has created a fun and foundational baby book to support speech development starting day one!

What Are They Doing? A Fun Book of Animals and Verbs

by Molly McIntyre, SLP


The animals in this book will help your child develop simple sentence structure, are especially helpful for Autistic children and children with language delays, will develop English language skills, and will delight early readers!

Moon Time Rhymes

by Molly McIntyre, SLP


The pages of this book come alive and are so soothing to you and your little ones. Yumiko East beautifully illustrated these nursery rhymes created for the joy of the sounds themselves. You and your children will love story time together with this brilliantly crafted children’s book.

Let's Go to the Bear Parade!

by Molly McIntyre, SLP


Big Bears, Little Bears, Pink Bears and more! Another hit with littleones and early readers. This charming book pairs early adjectives or qualities with delightful bears who go on parade. It helps young children describe their world!

Talk with Me! The Big Book of Exclamations 2

by Teri Kaminski-Peterson, M.S. CCC-SLP


This book is filled with carefully designed illustrations which immerse infants and toddlers in the rich language that surrounds in their familiar environments and daily routines. The books are designed to promote speech sound development and imitation of gestures, sounds and words.

Say Aaah!

by Dianna S. Cook, M.S. CCC-SLP



Feed a monster friend and be ready to open wide with a yummy-yucky variety of food surprises, color and rhythm. Enjoy interactive fun with vowel sounds while stimulating early speech and language development. Perfect for ages 2 and up!

Mirriam-Webster's 150 First Words

by Claire Laties-Davis, M.S. CCC-SLP


For toddlers ages 0-3. Provides opportunities to learn essential words and one-, two-, and three-word phrases connected to 90 everyday objects found in daily activities/routines. 150 single words and short phrases are introduced, then along the border of every scene a photograph of each item is presented as an additional search-and-find activity.

Baby Actions: Baby on the Go Series 1

by Alpin Rezvani, M.A. CCC-SLP & Debbie Shiwbalak, M.A. CCC-SLP



What better way to encourage language from your children than using this Baby Actions book created by speech pathologists! This book is perfect for ages 0 months and up... it's never too early to expose them to language learning! Provides an innovative way of learning actions words. Includes these actions: bathing, biting, bouncing, coughing, crying, drinking, drooling, eating, flying, hugging, kicking, kissing, laughing, looking and playing.

This is book one in the Baby on the Go Series by SLPs Alpin Rezvani and Debbie Shiwbalak. Other series and iBooks/eBooks written by Alpin Rezvani and Debbi Shiwbalak, including Fruits, Vegetables, Toddler Actions, Environmental Noises, Consonants, Vowels & Diphthongs, Baby Feelings, and Ways to Promote Speech & Language can be found here.


Our Little Adventures: Stories Featuring Foundational Language Concepts for Growing Minds

by Tabitha Paige, M.S. CCC-SLP



Written and illustrated by SLP Tabith Paige, the three children's board books in the Our Little Adventures box set take parents and toddlers or young children on trips to the farmers market, the forest, and a wildflower meadow.

Wishy Washy: A First Words and Colors Book

by Tabitha Paige, M.S. CCC-SLP



This book features strategically chosen first words that include a child's earliest developing sounds, such as m, b, p, t, etc. Also includes guidance on how to foster your child's speech and language development as they grow. Available April 19, 2022!

Oh No! Poo-Poo

by Jennie Bjorem, M.A. CCC-SLP



Beautifully illustrated repetitive board book on a topic that all children love, poo-poo! Filled with functional consonant-vowel consonant-vowel words, you won't believe where Colby's dino goes potty! Your child will giggle while predicting what crazy spot the poo-poo will be in next! Great for toilet-training as in the end, the dino uses the potty!


Oh No! Pee-Pee

by Jennie Bjorem



Beautifully illustrated repetitive board book on a topic that all children love, pee-pee! Filled with functional consonant-vowel consonant-vowel words, you won't believe where Livi's puppy goes potty! Your child will giggle while predicting what crazy spot the pee-pee will be in next! Great for toilet-training as in the end, the puppy uses the potty!

Baby Zoo: The Book of Colors, Numbers and Shapes

by Margaryta Kuzmin, SLP


This board book follows the story of an accident with paint at the zoo with baby animals. The painter figures out a simple solution to get all animals clean and save the day. Your child will learn the name of each animal, colors, numbers, shapes, emotions and other important concepts.


Can You Drink a Dinosaur?: A Yes/No Book for Young Talkers

by Cara Tambellini Danielson



Children learn to answer yes/no questions, learn to speak in sentences, and learn to think critically about scenarios. Children learn to answer basic yes/no questions by comparing silly scenarios to real scenarios: (Can you throw an elephant? NO Can you throw a ball? YES Can you eat a house? NO Can you eat an apple? YES) Children will be laughing and learning as they read this book.


View other books written by SLP Cara Tambellini Danielson including Easy to Say First Words, What can We Do?, and First Book of Verbs here.


Oh No!

by Laura Prestia, SLP



The book takes you through four different scenarios, each targeting early developing sounds. It focuses on common vocabulary words and uses repetitive two- to three-word phrases for practice. The book uses large, easy to follow text and simple illustrations to capture attention.



by Yael Herszkopf Mayer, M.S. CCC-SLP



This book will help your child learn action words such as eat, sleep, brush, jump, dance, read, and many more! It is part of a collection that also includes an educational video and an animated song. To watch the videos and hear the songs go to or visit the Learning with Yaya YouTube channel.


View other books by SLP Yael Herskopt Mayer including Opposites, Categories, Sounds, and Colors (as well as Spanish versions of each!) here.

Picture Books
Picture Books


Liam's First Cut

by Taye Jones, SLP



In her debut children's book, "Liam's First Cut, Taye Glover weaves together the beauty of fatherhood, community, and neurodivergence as Liam, a black boy with an autism spectrum disorder, approaches a big rite of passage: his first haircut.



by Stephen Groner, M.S. CCC-SLP



"Life's not always smooth, it's not. Sometimes things get stuck. S-s-sometimes a lot." So begins the story of two children who stutter and get stuck in their speech. Written by a person who stutters turned SLP, "Unstuck," with it's down-to-earth prose (stutters included!) and bright illustrations is the story every child who stutters needs to hear to be left with the most important message of all: hope.


Ella Bella Just Can't Tell Ya

by Hallie Sherman, SLP



Meet Ella Bella, an adorable young girl struggling to find the right words to say! Follow along as she learns and practices a strategy to help her get her point across. Ella Bella Just Can't Tell Ya will entertain children while teaching them vocabulary and word retrieval strategies.

Phil Fly's First Flight

by Gabriell Lucchese-Hood, SLP

@gablab.slp & @philflyflies


Phil, a fly, is often misunderstood as a pest. However, he is actually a friendly little guy who loves to take in sights and go on thrilling adventures. A nomad, Phil is off on his next journey to find a temporary home. Amidst his travel, he stumbles upon a strange place he’s never seen before. The accidental discovery he makes changes his life forever in the most amazing way.


This is the first installment in SLP author Gabriell Lucchese-Hood's Phil Fly series. Find more adventures with Phil here!

Nia Skye's Friend on Wheels!

by Keylonda Wheeler, M.S. CCC-SLP



Nia Skye attends her first play and it changes her life forever! Follow her journey of fun with her new friend, Ariyah. Nia Skye and Ariyah show each other kindness and respect. Even though they move about the world in different ways, one thing they have in common is the superpower of PURPOSE! This beautiful story of friendship helps children and grown ups alike begin talks of disabilities, mobility devices, and allyship.

SLP Keylonda Wheeler's next book, Mrs. Key Key's Speech Room is available for pre-order as of 3/01/22! Click here to view it at


Most Exceptional Me

by Tiffany Malas, SLP & Lauren Maerz, SLP



Sam has out-of-this-world dreams for himself and he just started kindergarten. While he’s looking forward to learning many new things, Sam wasn’t prepared for all the challenges he would face along the way. With a little help and encouragement from his teacher, he learns to explore his emotions so he can do anything he sets his mind to.


Perfectly Poppy

by Tricia Stone-Shumaker, SLP



When the other chickens make fun of Poppy's crooked beak, he is left feeling sad and bleak until Remi takes Poppy on an enlightening journey. The unlikely duo meet a range of new friends who all have something that makes them different. Poppy's travels will introduce children to the beautiful world of inclusivity and show them that being different is what makes them truly exceptional.


Aiden Goes to Speech

by Lisa Mortensen, SLP


This is a story about a little boy who, due to his speech difficulties, struggles with feelings of confusion, frustration, and even isolation, until he is introduced to a fun class called Speech. it is appropriate for any young child – certainly those who are experiencing speech difficulties, but for others too because it touches on how other children react to those who experience speech problems and opens up discussions on understanding and acceptance.

The Monkey Balloon

by Rebecca Eisenberg, M.S. CCC-SLP & Mindy Winebrenner, M.Ed.



This book takes children on an adventure of a young girl's quest to find her Monkey Balloon. Mimi and her father use their imaginations to take them on a journey of what-ifs, until they find what they are looking for. The bright and engaging Illustrations help create a story that children will choose to read again and again. Language and learning tips are provided at the end of the story.

View Rebecca Eisenberg and Mindy Winebrenner's second book, A Tale of The Monkey Balloon here.


My Second Year of Kindergarten

by Rebecca Eisenberg, M.S. CCC-SLP



Do you have a child or student who is repeating kindergarten? This book tells the story of a young boy named Peter who discovers progress, support, and triumph when repeating kindergarten. This book was designed with a specialized font to assist children that may have reading disabilities.

View other books written by Rebecca Eisenberg here.


Party Animals! A Wild Collection of Speech Sound Poems

by Tali Kellerstein, SLP



This read-aloud book of playfully illustrated poems features an energetic array of animals. Includes a collection of 21 alliterative animal adventure poems, designed to highlight each speech sound through a LOT of repetition – the best way to learn! The back of the book equips everyday readers with information about speech sounds.

A Doll for Me

by Andrea Coke, SLP



What does she do after searching EVERYWHERE, only to find that doll after doll, they ALL look the same?? Determined to not settle, Molly finds the solution to this big problem herself! Every child deserves to see themselves represented in books, toys and dolls. Grab this fun story today and support diversity learning for kids!

View another book by SLP Andrea Coke in the Molly Morningstar series, Carnival Girl here.



by Michele Pollak, M.S. CCC-SLP



During her first moment of crisis as a mom, Dana finds out how capable and heroic she can be. With humor and intriguing details, Dana's adventure as Octo-Mommy captures the attention of moms and children of all ages.

Lola Koala's Travel Adventures

by Dr. Tinita Ortega Kearney, SLP



Lola Koala is an explorer who loves to travel the world. Join her on her many adventures as she helps your child to develop foundational language skills along the way! Each "Lola Koala's Travel Adventures" book is designed to teach children (ages 2-6 years) a specific language skill. check out the many useful resources and companion items here!

Never Stop

by Bethany Johnson, SLP


This book celebrates the incredible accomplishments of kids: they dream big, they get up when they fall down, and they give each day their best. Serves as a reminder to Never Stop living a life full of amazement and wonder, but most importantly, this book encourages each child to Never Stop being themselves. The illustrations and words highlight children of various abilities to promote inclusion and diversity.

Sammy Goes to Speech

by Marissa Siegel, SLP


In this fun book for youngsters, Sammy wants to communicate, but can't. Sammy and his family go on a hunt to find his voice. After looking everywhere, they end up at a speech-language pathologist's office. Along with his stuffy, Mr. Monster, Sammy and his Mom learn new ways to develop his speech and language skills.

Cackle: Friendship, Belonging and Being Yourself

by Freya Magennis, SLP


This is a lively fairy-tale aimed at early readers. Perfect for 5-8 year olds, it's a fun, quirky read and is a celebration of laughter in all its forms! The story explores friendship, belonging to a community and the importance of being yourself.


My Brother Otto

by Meg Raby, SLP



This is a child-friendly, endearing, and fun picture book for children about the love, acceptance, and understanding a sister, Piper, has for her little brother Otto, who is on the autism spectrum. The book provides explanations for Otto’s differences and quirkiness in an easy-to-understand language, and highlights Otto’s desires for adventure and love―just like his peers.


If Feelings Take Over

by Danielle Nichols, SLP



Mike is a great student, but sometimes his organized brain gets taken over by his powerful feelings! Join Mike and his friend as they discover strategies to act calmly, no matter how strongly they feel.

Discussion questions and an application activity are included. This book is appropriate for children in kindergarten through fifth grade.


Rock On, Kindness! Pass It On!

by Stepheni Curran, SLP



Make predictions and learn new vocabulary as you meet Ally and her five best friends. The theme of moving past differences to find common interests and create friendships is reiterated throughout the story.


View another book by SLP Stepheni Curran, Rock on Kindness! Even When Your Heart Hurts! here.


Wendy's Winter Walk

by Cass Kim, M.A. CCC-SLP



This book takes children on a blustery walk through her neighborhood while providing chances to practice speech sounds for W, M, B, and P. It also promotes early reading (phonological awareness) skills. Perfect for reading with children ages 12 months through 6 years.

This book is part of the series Phonological and Articulation Children's Books. View other books by SLP Cass Kim including Ted and Tina Adopt a Kitten, Greg and his Gecko Go Kayaking, Stephanie's Spectacular Aquarium Visit, Theo Chooses to Help, and Lily, Lana, and the Exploricorn here.


Mikaeel and Malaika: The Power of Dua

by Kazima Wajahat, SLP



“Mikaeel and Malaika were brother and sister and they both had one thing in common. They were superheroes. At least they used to be.”

Mikaeel and Malaika are on another mission but there’s one problem. They no longer have superpowers. Or do they? Follow Mikaeel and Malaika as they find their power of Dua.

This Muslim children's book is book two of the Mikaeel and Malaika series which also includes The Quest for Allah’s Love. SLP Kazima Wajahat is also the author of the beloved Cranky Kareem Says Alhamdulillah of The Salams series. View her other children's books here.

Goldilocks 2.0

by Kimberly Delude, M.A. CCC-SLP



This book walks you through the pause, prompt and expand strategy that can help promote the growth of language. It takes the guess work out of reading and turns story time into a fun and productive read aloud. Children familiar with the original tale are now tasked with helping the forgetful narrator stay on track and tell the story.


This book is part of Kimberly Delude's Fairy Tales 2.0 children's picture book series. View other Fairy Tales 2.0 books here.


Freddie the Fly: Motormouth; A Story About Learning to Listen

by Kimberly Delude, M.A. CCC- SLP



This book is a humorous take on the problem of talking too much, listening too little, and struggling to wait your turn. Included at the end of the story are tips for parents and educators in starting a discussion with children how to be excited about listening to others and learning from it.

This is the first in Kimberly’s Delude’s children's picture book series Freddie the Fly. View other Freddie the Fly books by Kimberly Delude on Amazon here.


Kindness is Golden

by Macy Gilson, M.S. CCC-SLP



This is the debut book in The Golden Stories: An Inclusive Children's Book Series. All of the books in this series follow a first grade class from Golden Elementary School, which sets the gold standard for disability awareness and inclusion.


Kindness Matters!

by Julie Thill-Stellman, SLP


This children's book captures the essential component of early social skills. It was written to help children become better friends, classmates and citizens.


The Mouth With a Mind of Its Own

by Patricia Mervine, M.A. CCC-SLP


Matthew has a problem. His mouth has a mind of its own. His brain thinks one thing, but his mouth says another. He can’t participate in class discussions. He can’t ask the other kids to play with him at recess. He can’t even say his own name! Luckily, he is referred to the school speech therapist, who helps him tame his wild mouth.

There Was a Speech Teacher Who Swallowed Some Dice

by Patricia Mervine, M.A. CCC-SLP


A wacky Speech Teacher starts swallowing everything she needs to do speech/language therapy in her school! What could possibly happen? Better look out when those dice begin to roll! This book is a delightfully silly way to introduce students to many of the materials used in speech therapy, and ends with a Speech Room Scavenger Hunt.


How Katie Got a Voice (and a cool new nickname)

by Patricia Mervine, M.A. CCC-SLP


This is a story of challenge, triumph, and acceptance. The students and teachers of Cherry Street School all have nicknames that celebrate their differences. But the new girl, Katie, is really different. She can’t walk. She can’t talk. It seems like she can’t do anything! So how can the other students involve her in their activities? And how can they give her a nickname?

Wanda's Words Got Stuck

Lucy Rowland, SLT



Wanda the witch is so shy she can’t talk at school. No matter how hard she tries, the words simply won't come out. But when another quiet little witch named Flo joins her class, it seems that Wanda’s not the only one who gets nervous sometimes. Then disaster strikes at the school-wide magic contest. Will Wanda have the courage to shout out the magic words and save her new friend?

View many other books written by SLT Lucy Rowland, only some of which are pictured above, here.


I Can Do That!

by Dr. Suzy Lederer, SLP


Using natural gestures to support early vocabulary development has been shown to help children learn new words more quickly. This book provides children with multiple opportunities to hear, see, say, and sign early verbs. With built-in interactive reading strategies, strong rhythm and rhyme patterns, and engaging illustrations, it provides a multi-modal reading experience to support early word learning.

This book is part of the Word Sprouts series. Word Sprouts books are designed to help early language and literacy grow! Early language learners will benefit from engaging stories that provide opportunities to learn early vocabulary words and simple phrases/sentences through gestures, pretend play, focused stimulation, imitation, and fun! View other books by Dr. Suzy Lederer here.


My Cow Can Bow

by Dr. Shari Brand Robertson, SLP


Targets front/back contrasts using minimal pairs built right into the story. Students have multiple opportunities to contrast front sounds and back sounds that are included in each sentence. Includes flashcards of targeted minimal pairs (e.g., cap/tap) to reinforce learning and extend the story.

This book is part of the Word Menders series targeting phonological processes, language, and literacy development. View other books by Dr. Shari Brand Robertson, including Shivering Sheep, and Read With Me!, here.


Go by Goat

by Elizabeth Redhead Kriston, SLP


This book is designed to help children learn to hear and produce sounds and build core vocabulary through the use of carefully crafted word pairs and opportunities for active participation in the reading interactions. Go by Goat includes flashcards to reinforce learning and extend the story.


This book is also part of the Word Menders series targeting phonological processes, language, and literacy development. View other books by SLP Elizabeth Redhead Kriston, including The Bark Park, Pants on Ants, Miles of Smiles, and Raincaots and Rainbows here.


Run, Turkey, Run!

by Peggy C. Agee, SLP


Mr. Turkey finds hiding places all over the farm - and always just one step ahead of the cook. Prepositions are delightfully highlighted while children are given multiple opportunities to join the fun. Simple, repetitive text and colorful illustrations will keep children engaged. Also includes manipulatives - stick puppet patterns and preposition storycards.

View other books written by SLP Peggy C. Agee, including The Amazing Adventures of Sadie and Sam, and Nonnie's Trunk here.


Our Brain and the Good Breathing Book

by Dianne Lazer, M.A. CCC-SLP & Chris Bauman, M.A. BBEA


This book was cowritten by an SLP and Buteyko Breathing Educator and trainer. It is full of colorful, fanciful and instructive images that support the text about how to breathe well. It provides a good review and background as to why young patients are asked to do various exercises, to develop self-awareness and consequently changes in behaviors, with the resultant benefits to their physical, mental and spiritual health.

The Adventures of Paula & Gigi: Learning Opposites

by Gisella Curioso-Vilchez, M.S. CCC-SLP



In this book, you will improve your vocabulary and learn with the twins about opposites. All the activities at the end of the book are designed from easiest to more challenging. Recommended ages 3 to 7.

This is one of three books based on the curious twins, Paula and Gigi, developed and created by Comunícate Speech Services, LLC, and available in English and Spanish. The stories help to improve comprehension, expressive language, speech, reading, and writing skills in children. View these and other books by bilingual SLP, Gisella Curioso-Vilchez here.


Special Like My Sister

by Christina Colonna, SLP


This book is written about a 7-year-old girl named Mary, who wonders how she can be like her best friend and sister Rose, when Rose has a disability and Mary doesn’t. As she starts thinking about all of the ways the two of them are different, she quickly realizes that they have just as many ways that they are alike. Mary discovers that not only are she and her sister similar, they are both special in their own ways.


Chubby Chubby Kitty Fluff

by Meredith & Josh Avren

@avrenbooks & @thepeachiespeechie


Young readers will love to laugh out loud as they're instructed to tap, swipe, shake and otherwise interact with Gus, a chubby fluffy house cat. As they turn each page, they will discover Gus' hilarious reactions. Be sure to download free activities from for extra fun and learning to go along with the book.


The Light

by Leigh Anne Fortner, SLP



Help your child to see the goodness and beauty that surrounds us in this world while also exploring one woman's journey through grief. Discover how love can spread and grow, where this love comes from, and that this love is with them always.


*All net proceeds in 2022 will to to The CALL in Arkansas, a non-profit organization that mobilizes local churches to serve local children and youth placed in foster care.


Scotty the Scarecrow

by Gina Puma, SLP


This book is perfect for Speech-Language Pathologists to address articulation for /s/ and /s/ blends, as well as language skills, during Autumn and Thanksgiving. This story can also be utilized by General/Special Education teachers and/or parents.

Comprehension, target vocabulary, and an articulation list were all created by the author and included at the end of the book to promote your child/student’s language in an engaging way!

Meet the Mermaid Babies

by Emily St. Marie, SLP



This is an undersea adventure for early and beginner readers who want more than 'see spot run' content. Aimed at an audience of readers who want to enter a magical world where mermaid babies live in a picturesque lagoon, it's a perfect experience for preschoolers and kindergartners who want to know what the words say and learn to read for themselves.

Billy Gets Talking

by Mehreen Kakwan, M.A. CCC-SLP



This is a preschooler's journey overcoming childhood apraxia of speech. Relatable for the youngest children with a diagnosis of CAS. Examples are provided of how caregivers can incorporate practice into their daily routines.

View other books written (or illustrated!) by Mehreeh Kakwan including Let's Get Talking: A Speech-Language Therapy Companion for a Child's First Functional Words and Tyler Takes a Taste: A Boy and His Family's Journey Through "Picky Eating" and Feeding Disorders here.


An Alphabet Pet Parade in Topsy-Turvy Town, Population 26

by Judith E. Torres, M.A. CCC-SLP


This book can be used by parents, speech-language pathologists, and educators to teach language and literacy concepts such as phonemic awareness, letter names and sounds, opposites, animal vocabulary, verbs, pronouns, and story prediction.


Something to Say Collection

by Eden Molineux, M.S. CCC-SLP


The Something to Say Collection promotes self-advocacy, understanding of speech and language differences, and conversation about embracing diversity. Each book features a character with a communication difference. Characters' strengths and interests are highlighted, while the reader gains an increased understanding of how to support communication.

The Light Was Always There

by Felicity Conlan, SLP



Everyone's lives were turned upside down when the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. This story tells the reality of the pandemic through the eyes of a child. It reminds us that even though there were challenging times, there was some positivity (the light) to all of this - a new appreciation for the little things in life.


My Morning Sounds

by Shawndre Johnson, SLP


See how many sounds your child recognizes in his or her own morning routine. Read the book and incorporate suggestions from the "Tips for Parents" to create special memories with your children as they enjoy talking with books!

Come On, Calm

by Kelsey Brown, SLP



Disguised as any other picture book, "Come On, Calm!" is just the book parents, teachers, and caregivers need to help their little ones build healthy habits and a shared vocabulary for when they need a break.


Speech Class Rules

by Ronda M. Wojcicki, M.S. CCC-SLP


Created with the vision of educating everyone about speech therapy, this book is being used to introduce the concept of therapy to children recently diagnosed, provide a story and characters that children already in speech can relate to, and help parents, educators, and children not in speech understand what speech and language disorders are all about.


Imagine and Daydream

by Fiorita Di Palma, M.S. CCC-SLP, M. Ed



Kaya loves to play outside! As she stomps and splashes, she imagines and daydreams all of the things her hiking stick can be. While Kaya turns an ordinary stick into extraordinary things, she explores nature and meets some friends along the way. Let your imagination run wild as you go on an adventure with Kaya!

Alpaca Pearl Packs for Peru

by Rachel Arntson, SLP



Alpaca Pearl is going on an adventure, and she needs your help. This adorable 27 page, 8.5 x 11 inch, paperback book, will engage children in learning vocabulary, problem solving, repeating phrases, and helping Alpaca Pearl pack her suitcase. Children will delight in guessing what Alpaca Pearl will pack. This book includes a 6 page manual giving suggestions on how to read books to children, specific activities for using this book, and simple poems that further enhance this book.


View other books by SLP Rachel Arntson including We Can Talk and I Love (co-written with Chez Raginiak) at Talk It Rock It here.


Bee, Honey Bunny and Me

by Lavelle Carlson, SLP



This delightfully illustrated book will keep children enthralled as they dream along with Leni about the bunnies and the bees to see how Baby Bunny changes her mind about carrots. Will this also help Baby Leni love carrots as she dreams about Baby Bunny and the carrots and bees?


Download free companion activities and view other books written by SLP Lavelle Carlson including at SLP Storytellers.


Polka The Dotted Sock

by Sola Alakuro Oluwande, SLP


This book introduces Polka, a resilient and self-motivated sock who applies positive thinking skills to navigate through a challenging situation and in the end is victorious. Watch out for the surprising but beautiful twist at the end! Polka The Dotted Sock is designed to help children with self-motivation, self-advocacy, resilience, and positive/critical thinking skills.


Sloths Are Slow

by Kimberly Marino, SLP



Written to assist in developmental areas not often covered in early books. Young learners will love engaging with this factual and playful book as they "work" on developing fine and gross motor skills, expressive (talking) and receptive (understanding what is said) language , and cognitive skills (counting and more).


True Friends

by Carol Liu and Beth Ciangulli, M.A. SLP


True Friends tells its story through characters who have special needs. Its aim is to increase understanding and awareness of childhood disabilities, to teach social strategies, and to foster social interactions across perceived boundaries of difference.


The Big City Dance

by Valerie Doherty, SLP


Moe Doodle is a country mouse who decides to move to the Big City in search of excitement and adventure. Although he finds plenty of fun, he soon realizes he is homesick and missing his friends. Told in bouncing rhyme and rhythm with incorporated dance movements for young listeners and readers, discover how Moe solves his problems while exploring and living in the Big City. Ideal for children of three years and older.

View other books by SLP Valerie Doherty including Moe and Manford and Wonderful Things here.


Colors of Maine

by Davene Fahy, SLP



This book shows a beautiful scene of Maine for each of the 10 colors that children will learn.Readers will appreciate the charming illustrations of Maine which emphasize all of the basic colors of the spectrum. They will enjoy discovering all of the details on the page which have a specific color.


View other books written by SLP, Davene Fahy including Anthony Best, The Boy Who Thought He Was a Plane, and Charlie Who Couldn't Say His Name here.


Growing Up Without My Daddy

by Angela Adley, SLP


Growing Up without My Daddy shares a story of being fatherless through the perspective of a little girl growing up in a big world without feeling the unconditional love and security of a father. This children’s book seeks to help parents guide their little girls through healing the hurt and pain of growing up without their fathers so that they will aspire to become loving and confident young women.

Middle Grade & Miscellaneous Kids' Books

Gratitude Journal for Kids

by Kimberly Scanlon, M.A. CCC-SLP



This is a beautifully designed journal that aims to teach children how to notice the wonderful gifts in life. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis has the power to lift spirits, dampen stress, and create happiness. Using this journal can help your child cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Epic! Animal Rescue Friends Tales

Epic! Animal Rescue Friends Vol. 6

Epic! Animal Rescue Friends Vol. 7

by Jana Tropper, SLP


At the Animal Rescue Friends shelter, everyone is looking for a way to belong—kids and animals alike. From Epic! Originals, Animal Rescue Friends is a heartwarming graphic novel series filled with humor and furry friendships.

The Picklefry Twins: Mystery in the Bermuda Triangle

by Molly McIntyre, SLP & Kyle Kroupa


This charming book tells the story of the Picklefry twins, Blake and Olivia, who must work together to find their parents’ missing plane in the Bermuda Triangle. Can they solve the mystery of not only their missing parents and their passengers but, why all on the plane are sound asleep? Fans of The Magic Tree House books, Jack Jones series, and The Secret Lake will love this book series.

Middle Grade
YA & Adult Books


The Celestra

by Hanna Till, SLP



A riveting and action-packed debut filled with fantastical elements, political turmoil and a slow burn romance perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout. Nera, a woman with no home, no family, and no memories of why; finds herself in an unfamiliar world. Tarak, a man with a mission, a plan, and a destiny; finds a woman lost in the forest and with her, the opportunity to escape the path set in place since his birth. Ithesin, a world filled with lies, secrets, and more magic than even the most noble have yet to encounter.


Abuelita Mita and the Perfectly Imperfect Tortillas

by Sara-Brianna Ocampo, SLP


This story is about the author's meaningful memories about the simple times of cooking with her abuelita and learning more than recipes and techniques. This Spanglish-written story is a snapshot of the time she tried to learn how to make the perfectly round tortilla and failed miserably, but learned so much more in the process. Her wise abuelita took this opportunity to teach her about the significance of finding meaning and importance within rather than judging things by their external appearance.

Lucky: A Novel

by Kristina Parro, SLP



This is the story of the American Dream: an epic juxtaposition of glitter and tragedy. Two women- one pop-star, one heiress- are connected through the transcendental nature of time and space. Join America's favorite pop-star, Rhea Harmonia, as she tumbles down an existential rabbit hole... through the story of Rebekah and the Harkness family (of the Standard Oil fortune), American history, Western thinking, math, music, philosophy, and time. Is the American Dream anything but a nightmare?

How Stella Learned to Talk

by Christina Hunger



An incredible, revolutionary true story and surprisingly simple guide to teaching your dog to talk from SLP Christina Hunger, who has taught her dog, Stella, to communicate using simple paw-sized buttons associated with different words. This book is part memoir and part how-to guide. It chronicles the journey Christina and Stella have taken together, from the day they met, to the day Stella “spoke” her first word, and the other breakthroughs they’ve had since. It also reveals the techniques Christina used to teach Stella, broken down into simple stages and actionable steps.

Sitting in the Sadness

by Elizabeth Bowman, SLP

@sitting_in_the_sadness & @elizsicuso


This poetry collection is for the courageous souls willing to sit in the sadness, grieve, and reflect. To be genuinely attached to someone, lose them, then feel insurmountable pain proves that you are unique, beautiful, and capable of true love. This book is for you.

One American's Story: War, PTSD, Politics, Parkinson's and the Pandemic Through the Eyes of a Vietnam Veteran

by Jim Fawcett and Kathleen Depperschmidt, SLP


This book reads as a conversation with Jim, a 75-year-old Vietnam War Veteran. It details Jim's struggles to live the life he wanted, while serving first his country, then his family, as well as his business and government endeavors. He shares his unique insight from these experiences, and relates the events in our current national and world stage to the ongoing nature of conflict, political and social upheaval and addresses the pandemic that raged while this book was being written.


Sis, You Got This! From Surviving to Thriving as a Minority Speech-Language Pathologist

by Barbara Fernandes, M.S. CCC-SLP



This is a story meant to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for the minority women in speech-language pathology. It follows the autobiographical accounts of Barbara Fernandes, an adult immigrant to the US, as she embarks on her journey as a CSD student learning both English and Spanish. It tells of her struggles facing isolation, microaggressions, and her own internal battles to eventually become one of the most successful entrepreneurs within the SLP field.


by Peggy Moffitt Earnest, SLP


Jake is just beginning his freshman year at Brighton High School. He is not just any high school student, he is a young man with Down syndrome who LOVES to sing. This is a fictional story of the many ways Jake influences his friends and family for the better, even without speech. It is geared toward young adults and touches on many current topics such as inclusion, kindness, friendship and bullying. Mostly, it is about the priceless lessons that Jake’s attitude can teach the typical world.

Assistive Techonlogy in Special Education: Resources to Support Literacy, Communication, and Learning Differences

by Joan L. Green, SLP



This book presents a wealth of practical, well-organized information* to help families, teachers, and therapists find effective solutions for students with learning, literacy, and cognitive challenges. This third edition features new affordable tools to improve and compensate for challenges related to speaking, understanding, reading, writing, and thinking and remembering, as well as strategies to help students become more organized and efficient.


*Includes lists of apps, websites, and other assistive tech sorted by skill area!


I Used to Have a Handle on Life, but it Broke!

by Dr. Shari Robertson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP


This book is the compilation of work that Dr. Shari Robertson presents at her sold-out presentations on this topic. It is divided into two parts: Part I addresses how to manage time and stress in personal and professional settings. Part II focuses on managing difficult people. Both are packed with practical information, personal resources, and Shari's own brand of humor.

View children's books written by Dr. Shari Robertson here or in the picture book section above.


Autumn Nights: 12 Chilling Tales for Midnight

by Cass Kim, SLP (and others)



This book brings together the very best in spooky, young adult appropriate, tales to tell under a harvest moon. These twelve spooky short stories originate from ten outstanding authors to delight your love of Autumn and get the hairs on the back of your neck standing at alert. Even better- your purchase helps your fellow humans. All profits generated through the sales of this volume of Autumn Nights will be donated to the Feeding America's network of food banks, pantries and meal programs that serve almost every community in the United States.


Wilders: A Dystopian Half-Pocalypse Series

by Cass Kim, SLP



The forest behind Renna’s home is dark and dense. It holds more secrets than she knows. Having grown up in the half-pocalypse, a world balancing against the tide of a blood-borne virus, Renna knows the rules by heart: 1) Stay inside between dusk and dawn. 2) Close and lock the copper and silver screens. 3) Report anyone suspected of infection immediately. Now, at seventeen, Renna will have to survive against the rules.

- An unprecedented attack.

- A strange boy with copper eyes.

Can Renna survive the darkness to save the people she loves?

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YA & Adult Books
Family Resource
Family Resource Books


My Toddler Talks

by Kimberly Scanlon, M.A. CCC-SLP



Are you concerned that your child is not talking as much as his peers? Is he growing increasingly annoyed because he can’t tell you his wants and needs? Bring out the toys and get ready to shake up your perspective –we’re going to decrease your frustration and learn some tried and true techniques to get your toddler talking!

My Toddler's First Words

by Kimberly Scanlon, M.A. CCC-SLP



Practicing speech language pathologist and bestselling author, Kimberly Scanlon, has applied her advanced expertise in speech therapy for toddlers to create the ultimate, easy-to-understand, resource to assist parents in developing an action plan to effectively model, elicit, track, and expand a toddler’s language.


Alphi, The Dog With Special Aphasia Powers

by Gail Weissman, SLP


This book was designed to educate family members of stroke survivors on how to communcate best with loved ones who have aphasia.

50 Easy Exercises to Get Your Toddler Talking!

by Freya Magennis, SLP


50 EASY EXERCISES TO HELP GET YOUR TODDLER TALKING! These fifty exercises are designed with one aim: to get your toddler talking! Whether you want to help them to say their first words or to give their language a boost, these exercises are just what you need.

View other books by Freya Magennis here.


Playing with Purpose

by Emily Cohen, M.A. CCC-SLP



This book teaches families and educators of toddlers and young children how to convert play and everyday routines into activities that are both fun AND beneficial for a child’s speech and language development.

Tyler Takes a Taste: A Boy and His Family's Journey Through "Picky Eating" and Feeding Disorders

by Barbara Coven-Ellis M.A. CCC-SLP



This is the story of Tyler, a young boy who only eats a few foods, and how he and his family, with the help of a feeding specialist, learn that food doesn't have to be scary and mealtimes don't have to be stressful. Also illustrated by an SLP author, Mehreen Kakwan, M.A. CCC-SLP.

Understanding Your Toddler: A Month-By-Month Development & Activity Guide for Playing With Your Toddler

by Ayelet Marinovich, M.A. CCC-SLP



This book offers an enrichment curriculum for parents and caregivers of toddlers, with 52 bite-sized "modules" of palatable, research-based developmental information and simple, enriching activities to support your toddler's development in the areas of cognitive, communicative, motor, and social/emotional development. Month by month, learn along with your growing, changing child!


View SLP Ayelet Marniovich's other book, Understanding Your Baby here.

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